Divorce too, is made in heaven!

Collectively, our society frowns down upon divorces. As if it were a stigma that could never be washed away. Religiously fuelled arguments on how marriage is holy and set in heaven are just as baseless[…]

Cat Philosophy

Cat Philosophies: Expectations ruin relationships. People say cats are better pets than dogs. Because dogs are more loving and loyal while cats are, well, assholes. True. But thats where I feel our entire relationship outlook[…]

Justice is not Punitive

“Every punishment is based, not on logic or the feeling of justice, but on the desire to wish evil on those who have done evil to you or to another person.” ―Leo Tolstoy Protests and[…]

The Quintype Bike Ride

Think about this,  rally up more than half a dozen people from your company, finalise everything over text and everyone does their personal best distances on quad powered machines. It is Am-az-ZING! It started as a[…]