A Bandwagon called “Protecting our Culture”

Let us look at it, a section of our population believes that we had an awesome culture. Their blood boils when ‘western influences’ are perverting this set of lofty values.

Taking every argument at their face value, and not commenting whether it is right or wrong:

  • “Cow is a sacred animal, you cannot kill it or eat its meat. if we find you doing so, we will strip you, beat you up and if you are a woman, rape you”.
  • “Night parties and booze are against our culture, if you break it, we will come, find you, beat you up and rape you”.
  • “Skimpy clothes are against our culture, if you wear them, we will beat you up and rape you”.
  • “Girls are not to go out alone at night, if we find you, we will beat you up and rape you”.
  • “Sit with your boy-friend/husband on a side walk, you will get beaten up by the “protectors of the sanctity of women” lead by men who were arrested for sexual harassment (irony much?)

So, the culture is all about ” how can we find more opportunities to strip people, beat them up and rape them”.

Holding true and exactly recreating the actions, attire, social structure and thought processes of people who lived a long time ago and apportioning it to be the way a generation so far removed from the original should be walking, talking and behaving. Utterly senseless. World change, the way we go about doing our daily routines have absolutely no relationship with people from long ago. Can someone from 1500s imagine that people would be sitting up for hours in front of a box with moving colors and sound ? No. Can someone even think of staying up late to 12? Imagine the amount of wood they will have to fire. People used to sleep early and wake up early, because the only way for them to do anything was by being in “day light saving”, 24x7x365.

But there is a culture that really needs protecting and traditions that needs to be conserved.

The culture of endless curiosity. The culture that made people restless with that they have and forced them to strive for improvement in every walks of life. The culture that made people to look up and dream. The culture that lead man to look at the infinitesimally small and the magnificently large. The culture of never give up, never surrender. The culture that lead people to stand up for their rights. The culture that screams for equality. The culture that make us all human. The culture that boosts hope and protects imagination. The culture that makes us who we are. The culture which lead human beings to create marvellous expressions of human achievement.

Art. Architecture. Literature.Music. Songs. Dance. Science. Everything that we did to celebrate our existence. Everything our ancestors did to celebrate their existence. Not to oppress others, but to genuinely celebrate the feeling of being alive.