What is afterlife? When we die and our soul goes to some extra terrestrial place or dimension? When our soul, which came from God, goes back to God, if you are a good guy, or to Mr. Satan, if you are bad? That’s afterlife?
More or less 72 years of life on earth will deem us an afterlife in heaven or hell for all eternity? Is that logical to think of Humans as eternal beings? One way or the other we exist for all times? Or is that a fantasy man really want to believe? Like the fountain of youth which is always eluding man, to live out our ’soul lives’ somewhere?
Like in Heaven or Hell?
No known contact has been established with either of these institutions, let me be blunt, how did man ever come to know about these things? No person who died, other that Jesus Christ, came back to tell us stories about how was death, and Jesus did not say anything, He went preaching it seems! To those people in purgatory! And packed them all to heaven! Wow, if I had lived and died about 1 month prior to Jesus, then 1 month in purgatory and I get my ticket to heaven! I could have been a mass murderer, a con man, a rapist, I could have lived my life as I had pleased and still go to heaven. That is, after living a rocking life, with all possible wrong doing, I am let off with just one month! That is even lame than our own Judiciary! And we thought God was fair! We get the direct line to Heaven or Hell! Just because Jesus came! So had he not come, could we all end up in the moderate establishment called purgatory than Heaven or Hell? That would have been a safe bet, not so good enough to go to Heaven, But not that bad to be packed off to Hell. Funny. The person who imagined it all did not give any explanation about that I think.. Or I have not yet come across it.

Afterlife is programmed as suited to the belief of the people. Written and directed to please the people and entice them. Or scare them. According to Hindu Mythology, the Dog that is running in the street below me could as well be my Grand Dad, if the Dog is less than 18 years old that is. Their myths say about being born again according to their previous life style. And to think of it, I might have been a really good cat in my last life to be borne as a Man, or I am a first edition.

Christians say there is a Hell for the bad guys and Heaven for the good guys. But if we are eternals, to be partying in Heaven or following the Communist Party in Hell (I am sure there will be land reforms in Hell because of The Communist party) is decided on a very short span of life. Not so fair it seems.
To the Islamist Radical, there is the 40 virgins you get if you die killing infidels. Sick if you ask me. It’s about Fu**ing even in afterlife for them! Chill guys, your d**k is blown up with yer body when you pressed the trigger. If it was not blown up, it would be rotting in some morgue. Or is it like, transporting the mind to another fresh body to satisfy those virgins? Who are these Virgins? Well, Like Jeff Dunham said, It is said nowhere that those 40 virgins have to be females!
This is afterlife? Man is not at all ready to accept that we are just like all other animals, gone in the blink of an eye. So he created afterlife. With that, people started living for life after death. People forgot to live this life. We are not going anywhere; I want to live my life here. Not suffer here to get rewards in Heaven. All the priests can go to heaven. I am better off at any place far from them anyway!!