Being Myself

Sometimes being an atheist is a confusing term to all the people who have difficulty in understanding that there are a set of people who do not subscribe to superstition. A set of non-logical pseudo-reasons that were accepted only because there was no other explanation!

The God with Elephant Head who travel on the top of a rat (  I want what he smoked!) and those who think that it is a big sacrifice to die when you have the ability to respawn.  We do play multiplayer games too!


When it comes to me, my non belief has opened the door to knowledge, exactly like  mythological Eve taking up the mythological fruit from the mythological tree of knowledge. It is said that the best way to stop being a brainwashed religious person is to read the respective holy books. I have received enough and more requests to read the bible from people who think that it will make me ‘see the light’.


The truth is, reading the bible was an important part in realizing that it was a collection of retarded fables that would never have become a best seller if King Constantine had not decided to use Jesus and the Christian myth as a tool for holding onto his crown, starting a reign of oppression that started off as ‘tolerance’.  I have read the bible cover to cover five and a half times. The last time I could not complete it because I broke down laughing. What shit!


Then again the realisation that the universe is beautiful with its randomness, vastness and its age was the start of a journey that I shall continue till I die. No, do not even think that there will be a death bed conversion or a switch over towards god. I am made from a star dust, I shall return to star dust. Also, it is better to choose none and not the multitude of deities that I can “death-bed-convert-into”. What if I made the the wrong imaginary friend? Just think of the dude who said ” You fucking not have any other fucking  god than me” would be livid if I chose someone. It is better to be safer with none!


I love information, I love reading up on everything from the NASA space exploration and Asteroid mining to the smallest bacterium that evolve and adapt. This attraction, this appetite for knowledge has been fueled by the curiosity about the world. Getting “no explanation” as the explanation for anything is the biggest wrong in the world. Variations of this ” no explanation” like “god did it” puts back learning and education into prehistoric ages. IF the world was ever satisfied by the explanation of “Rain and Winds happens when Gods are Angry” we would never have had the weather prediction systems, tsunami warning programs or any knowledge regarding the monsoons or the wind patterns.


Just remember, for anything that you say “god did it” today, there is an explanation waiting to happen tomorrow. With all the weight of history behind me, I vouch for this. In this world where god and religion get proved wrong by science every other day, it is just a proud inducing fact that “science gets proved wrong ONLY by better science”. End of the day, science 1, gods 0.


” Oh ok, you dont believe in God, but you go to church and pray to Jesus right?”. A question that I can answer only with a “dafaq?”

Another “Dafaq?” moment wil be ” you will be sending your kids to church right? “. No, I wont be. No to the pedophile infested catholic church and nor to any other versions of it. My kids are not sinners, there are not going to be born in sin. They are pure and I am not going to induce into them the brainwash routine of “being send into hell by a loving god”.


And no, bneing an atheist does not make you a devil worshipper. Devil ? Dafaq! ( Do not quote bible on me to say that the biggest success story of the devil is that ” it has convinced the world that it does not exist”. I do not think superstition is good for the mind. And ” Hey Jesus, try being born of a virgin in 2012. They will DNA test the hell out of you”.