Cat Philosophy

Cat Philosophies: Expectations ruin relationships. People say cats are better pets than dogs. Because dogs are more loving and loyal while cats are, well, assholes. True. But thats where I feel our entire relationship outlook has to go for a toss. We have to enter into relationships thinking what we can give never bothering about what we get in return.

Long time back I fell in love, I told her ” I love you” and never asked her to love me back, while I would agree even then, that I would be great if she could. I knew I could love her and I did. She realised it later and she did.

We adopted two kittens together. We never thought about what they could give us.

Well, we stayed up almost one whole night tearing up papers so that we can give them a litter box and boy did they need it. One guy jumped into the bed as he wanted to poop at 230 AM. Ran around cochin in the heat to get them litter and food and what not. But during all this we had no idea what we will be getting back. We knew someone had thrown out these two kittens and that they cared a lot about each other so they cannot be separated. We decided to give them a home. And two people who would give them a lot of hugs. We named them Rio and Taz, Rio being the female ‘mature’, silent and quiet one and Taz being well, its name sake. Tasmanian Devil.
They sleep hugging each other, they groom each other, they get on the beds and sleep next to us. They play, they bring laughter, they crack us up. The two days they were here, we laughed, I got emotional seeing them sleep hugging each other, the way Rio looks at Taz and swish her tail to give Taz a target to hunt.

May be we all should look at relationships as things where we can give a lot. A lot of love, hugs, support, care, affection and stop having expectations. Then may be, all our relationships might end up being beautiful and worthwhile.