The Quintype Bike Ride

Think about this,  rally up more than half a dozen people from your company, finalise everything over text and everyone does their personal best distances on quad powered machines. It is Am-az-ZING! It started as a[…]

The Hapless Bikers

Yes, everyone recommends biking, they all call it the environment friendly, healthy and albeit slower mode of personal transport. Countries work hard to include biking into their city planning. Lanes for bikers, racks for transporting[…]

What the Hill!

It was decided at 8PM the previous night to do a ride the next day. The route chosen was on my mind for a long time. Ilaveezhapoonjira. The one place in Kerala that gets maximum[…]

The Pride Ride

There are times when we have to sit back and let the shit blow over, there are times when you have to face the shit with open helmets and get the grime all over your[…]