Checkmate, Atheist!

One of the hardest part of being an outspoken atheist are the friends and wellwishers who comes up with the “gotcha / checkmate atheist” scenarios. The Einstein and his atheist professor fake story, the barber[…]

Dangal Dangal

Yes, I see what you mean when you say that in 3 Idiots, Aamir Khan condemned parents directing their children’s lives and in Dangal he celebrates it. There are a few differences, when you write[…]

Life as a Married Couple!

 I had loved her for 7 years on the day we got married. After that one year has passed. Married, couples, friends, licensed for “that” etc. It is almost the time when the older folks[…]

Oh Right, Gay Rights.

It is a funny thing, the human intellect. The same person who would discuss Non Newtonian Fluids with you, in the same breath would go all conspiratorial and say ” Pssst, I think he is[…]

I am Offended!

“I am offended”. Thrown out against anything that a person does not like, anything that voices opinions contradictory to theirs, anything that puts up an idea that invalidates theirs, anything that would put them and[…]

Woman…. Be Silent

Anyone else think it’s ironic when Christian women spout instructional and inspirational scriptures on Facebook and elsewhere? I saw several examples only yesterday, including a ditty from one friend (I’ll call her Julia) which read[…]