Divorce too, is made in heaven!

Collectively, our society frowns down upon divorces. As if it were a stigma that could never be washed away. Religiously fuelled arguments on how marriage is holy and set in heaven are just as baseless[…]

Cat Philosophy

Cat Philosophies: Expectations ruin relationships. People say cats are better pets than dogs. Because dogs are more loving and loyal while cats are, well, assholes. True. But thats where I feel our entire relationship outlook[…]

Justice is not Punitive

“Every punishment is based, not on logic or the feeling of justice, but on the desire to wish evil on those who have done evil to you or to another person.” ―Leo Tolstoy Protests and[…]

Checkmate, Atheist!

One of the hardest part of being an outspoken atheist are the friends and wellwishers who comes up with the “gotcha / checkmate atheist” scenarios. The Einstein and his atheist professor fake story, the barber[…]

The ‘Culture’ of Burqah

Yes, burqah is a symbol of oppression, of male dominance, of patriarchy and of the sick concept that seeing a woman’s hair or skin drives men to “bad thoughts”, and the fact that the woman’s[…]

Cultural Diarrhoea

Let us look at it, a section of our population believes that we had an awesome culture. Their blood boils when ‘western influences’ are perverting this set of lofty values. Taking every argument at their[…]


They say that their relationship with god is personal. That it is a connection that is divine, but at an individual level. They say that their faith is unshakeable, all encompassing and the ultimate truth.[…]

Relationships 101

When two people decide to be together, they are in a relationship. ( D’uh, Relationship 101 ). They got two different ideologies, multiple points of view and for all practical reasons, two independent people. They[…]


When you know enough about depression and helplessness, acts like suicide can be seen in a new light. While the world rallies around to showcase the futility or the meaninglessness of that ‘selfish’ act, the[…]

Passing Basket Balls

How many ways can people pass basket ball? Here is a video that shows a group of people, passing two basket balls. Lets play a game. Lets count the number of times the two balls[…]

Why am I an Atheist?

Yes, I do not believe in God, for the same reason as most of the believers  do. I am scared. I am really scared. I am scared because sometimes, wishes come true. Some self righteous[…]

What if we are wrong?

What if we are wrong ? It is an obvious question to ask, to both the atheists and the religious. What if we are wrong? I know what you believer  would say about me being[…]

Meter Jam? Really?

I have seen this common trait in Indians, we love Discounts. We love to bargain. We will buy cheap goods at exorbitant prices if they double the price and then give a 40% discount. ([…]


What is afterlife? When we die and our soul goes to some extra terrestrial place or dimension? When our soul, which came from God, goes back to God, if you are a good guy, or[…]

Politics of Education!

When the world was ready to accept just literates into the complex fold of running a country or working as a public servant, our society shunned education. When everyone is literate, the spectrum of being[…]

The Purpose of Our Lives

Waking up everyday morning, drinking hot coffee from a tall mug, glancing through the news paper, yelling for who ever is using the bathroom to get out, showering , changing and getting out, another day[…]