Divorce too, is made in heaven!

Collectively, our society frowns down upon divorces. As if it were a stigma that could never be washed away. Religiously fuelled arguments on how marriage is holy and set in heaven are just as baseless[…]

Justice is not Punitive

“Every punishment is based, not on logic or the feeling of justice, but on the desire to wish evil on those who have done evil to you or to another person.” ―Leo Tolstoy Protests and[…]

The ‘Culture’ of Burqah

Yes, burqah is a symbol of oppression, of male dominance, of patriarchy and of the sick concept that seeing a woman’s hair or skin drives men to “bad thoughts”, and the fact that the woman’s[…]

Cultural Diarrhoea

Let us look at it, a section of our population believes that we had an awesome culture. Their blood boils when ‘western influences’ are perverting this set of lofty values. Taking every argument at their[…]

Get a F*cking Car Seat!

As someone who has not yet decided on whether or not to have kids, sometimes how mothers and fathers taking ‘care’ of children appalls me. There is a reason why vehicles got seat belts. But[…]