Checkmate, Atheist!

One of the hardest part of being an outspoken atheist are the friends and wellwishers who comes up with the “gotcha / checkmate atheist” scenarios.
The Einstein and his atheist professor fake story, the barber and the atheist who came to cut his hair, conversation between two unborn babies about the existence of a mother and the world outside, thermodynamics bitches, the eye, and the list goes on.
Then comes the “we do not know everything” and “you are being close-minded jerk!” and then “do you have any evidence that there is no god”, “If I have to give evidence for god, then you have to give evidence for no god. You first” arguments. Then it is usually followed up by ” I do not want to change your belief” and then ” I believe and it is my choice”. Then the predictable silence till the next little story that the blows the believer’s mind comes along and the circus repeats.

You can cite any number of stories and if x, then y. There is y, hence x. Sorta arguments. ( Didn’t get it ? x = “Anything complicated needs a maker.” y= “World is complicated”. Here “y” is true, hence it has a maker. So god. Booyeah. ) Such assertions are baseless. You start with an assumed hypothesis (well, all hypotheses are assumed πŸ™‚ ) and then prove the assumption by making another assumption. Meh.

Stories like the conversation between two unborn babies with one being skeptic about the existence of a mother and the other believing that there is a mother, is a “Gotcha” towards the skeptic baby from a position of knowledge. Knowledge that we have, babies have mothers and there is a world outside.
There is no way that the two babies inside a womb can know the existence without getting popped. It is all about ” can’t see, can’t believe” motto. ( It also goes in line with “Can you see air!!”, argument. ). The children cannot see the mother, but here are a few other observations.
We are looking at an ecosystem that gets nutrients from somewhere, they can hear noises from outside, hear the sounds produced by the mother’s stomach and everything around it, the baby can touch things that in the womb that are not part of his body, I have heard that if you shine a bright light up the uterus, the baby will turn away. If this many external proof keeps the skeptic baby skeptic, then he is really not someone with scientific temperament. Real, tangible evidence would make a real skeptic change his views. That’s why we scream ” evidence!” at the top of our voice when people say “Soul” or “afterlife” or “better place” etc.

Things like Einstein and the professor, never happened, is stupid and completely idiotic.

When you say things like, it’s too big to exist without a maker, then the logic would be pretty recursive. If such a complicated thing needs a maker, then the so called maker is infinitely more complicated than the construct, who made it? A more complex being? It goes on.

Here is a little bit of backstory, unlike most of you who comes over to talk god, I wasn’t born into being an atheist. Most of you were born into what you believe. A few switch from a god to another equally terrible god, but here’s is what happened to me. ( I am also not an atheist like the communist atheists, for them communism is their god and religion ).

I was a born a christian, I have super-religious parents. I have felt, heard and spoken to god. I have had the gift of tongue, I have seen the light, I have felt the hand, I have felt the exhilaration of worship, you name it, I have felt it.

Then there were the questions, I read about evolution, I tried explaining it from within the holy books. I think it is 2 Peter 3:8 that says “That one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” I used this as a lynch pin to say that god made humans via evolution. It was not 7 days, it was nearly 7 million years. But those were all me trying to convince myself that almost two decades that I spent as a believer was not a delusion. It did not hold water for too long.

Evidence became a key driving force behind my reasoning, logic was the guiding force. Sitting down for years to understand how the world came to be and how the religions and then god might have come to existence with logic and evidence can be a life changer. It changed mine.

I used to think that bible was history, but then realised that it is not. Then realised that there is not much evidence for the existence of Jesus other than the book of bible. ( Superman comics thinks Superman is real as well. )

Do you realise why people can’t bullshit us anymore? We have information at our fingertips. Our politicians can’t get away, our leaders can’t get away, because every action everyone ever did is recorded somehow. And more importantly, we can access it on demand.

But back then, it was what people said that mattered. Credibility of a document was the author. So it was easy to make a man of myth who satisfied all the prerequisites mentioned in the “old testament” come to existence.

The reasonings goes on. Just imagine that it is the same godmen that lives now and used to live ages ago. Those who lived ages ago became gods. Those that live now, gets the stupid to follow them. And back then, everyone was stupid. ( Stupid, because they did not have any information at their fingertips, and those that had, never used it. )

If Jesus lived in 2016, nothing he did would be more impressive than the acts of Derren Brown or David Blaine. After all, even in the story of Jesus, he knew he would be coming back. So what’s the sacrifice? Thousands die everyday protecting their loved ones or in the lines of duty , knowing that they are not coming back. Even when I was a Christian, I used to think “What’s the big deal here? “.
Now, do not latch on it and say “he died for everyone” and “for everyone’s sins” etc. Those are all just baseless assumptions. If that were true, churches would have gone out of business a long time ago.

Do you want to know how a modern religion sounds like? Google Scientology and Mormonism ( Highly inspired Christianity ). Also, check the number of followers that they have and their growth spurts.

L. Ron Hubbard was an author, he wrote books. He wrote books about aliens and thetons, he went bankrupt and lost the rights to his book. He started a religion called Scientology based on the concepts he put in the book. Within a year he got the rights to his book back. He made money, and idiots like Tom Cruise and John Travolta follow that religion.

Joseph Smith was on the run from the authorities. He was a con man. Then he met an angel called “Moroni” who gave him two Gold Tablets which only he can read. He would sit under a blanket and read it aloud for another guy to write it down. That book, is known as the Book of Mormon and they have 15.6 million followers. ( 12 thousand or so are there in India! )

That’s the story of modern religions, in this age of technology and information at your fingertips, there are still susceptible people. Imagine the susceptibility of those who lived thousands of years ago. They thought there were monsters in the sea, they thought spitting thwarted evil, they thought volcanoes could be soothed with virgin sacrifices ( I am sure the priest was there under the mountain that night ). The world religions originated when ignorance ruled, when science was not even in its infancy and during a time when something is spoken with authority, it was the truth. It was spread by conquest and sword and the current followers cherry pick their way out of atrocities in the holy books. ( “It was those times”, I have heard this so many times, by that argument, everything is pointless because everything in those books are from “those times”. )

And how did I start my journey of being an atheist, I read the bible. Multiple times. If you read the bible, and think of it as “just a book” this becomes true :

β€œThe God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

When you realise that, then it becomes ” Yet another book written by a patriarchal bigot male, who wanted to control everything”.

Oh, the other obvious question after this tirade and if anyone read this, is going to be ” You can take on Christianity, but do the same with Islam or Hinduism and you will know how peaceful Christianity is”. Oh man, I was born and was a christian for 20 odd years, so I write about that. If I was born into any other religion, I would be writing about that if I had the courage.

These days you can’t trust peaceful religions at all.