Church and Pedophilia : The Ballad

“Priests should not be tried like common criminals”, this argument came up once, long time before. Luckily, I was not there personally, I was just sent audio clipping of a lady journalist defending this with gusto to a bunch of my friends. Saying “priests have set apart their lives for others, we should not judge them for their shortcomings like we do for the rest of the people”.

That was like a physical blow. I would never have been able to handle such level of learned ignorance. Learned hatred. Learned lack of empathy. Learned ideologies that completely ignore facts.

After the massive stories brought up by Boston Globe in 2002/03 and the huge set of stories about molestation of children that has happened in the hands of priests that were just swept under the table, which may very well be the reason why Ratzinger resigned before things blew up.

Priests accused of pedophilia were transferred to other parishes, at least 24 deaf mute kids were molested by 2 priests in Argentina. The Boston Globe probe lists our very own Thrissur as a place where there these horrible acts happened, way back at the turn if the millennium.

The amount of money spent by The Church on settling the cases against their priests goes into billions. ( Ever thought of that when you put your hard earned money in the offering box? )

When you enforce things that are ‘Against Nature’ like celibacy to a set of young and old men, this is the result.

I am seeing a lot of posts on my feed saying “They are priests, be vary when you condemn them”. To all of those who muttered that, Fuck You.
To all those who poster up “Wait! Here are some nice priests, there is one who donated a kidney to a muslim woman.” So? Clap Clap. Great job. Does that make a horrible act “not happen”?

The way people talk about this, it makes it feel as if it is a one off incident. It is not.

Wait, were you saying that “Do not generalise all priests as assholes”. You got a point there. Nope, you do not. Why? Every single time a priest was caught red handed, the church and every member of it defended the priest. How many times did a priest go to jail or face the legal punishment for the crimes he committed? That too against children? Are they listed in the sex-offenders lists in any country? Why is that the church goes about settling the cases outside court and spend millions?
So the good things that are done by the other priests, while indirectly not speaking against this heinous and abhorrent cruelty, you are part of it. If The Church does not officially let the priest face the legal music, they are supporting it.

I am seeing a bunch of posts on my feed justifying all these. Sharing articles from the religious magazines, here is my two cents for you. “Fuck Off”.