Confusions of a Non-Shopaholic!

“Oh man! I am confused”. People who know the stories of my confusions, I say thank you, that’s all, keep reading. I am not so easily confused, though certain people will say “ Yeah Right, look who is speaking” . Confusion happens along with the freedom to choose. If no one had the freedom to choose, there would have been no confusion. Confusion comes with the ability to choose from a set, but you can have only one. Unfair I tell ya. Without a selection to choose from and everyone was supposed to be content with what they are given, the world would have been a heaven for stereotypes and clichés.

Boring, it would have been, though it sure does have a lot of advantages which is really tempting. Think about a world where every girl was given clothes and make up and what-ever-doohicky just like that!! Man! No more waiting at stores from the first light in the morning till red sun blinks bye-bye. No more “5 Minutes” that takes up the better half of an hour! No more “ Do I look good in this? Or in this?” “ Does this match my eye-color?” And if the girl do know she has a few extra pounds, unlikely since not even a Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay) treatment will make a girl accept that she do have a few extra pounds! But they will ask you “ Do I look fatter in blue?” And the hardest part is we need to be very tactical. Not even the United States National Security Advisor can give you any pointers. We need to answer just what the girl thinks! And no permutations or combinations or Integration or differentiation can get an answer, Not even AI can help! To get freedom from all these? That’s God send! Take out choice from the human form of existence and there goes confusion!

And I think that previous paragraph did make me sound like a Nazi! Sorry! Got too much into the bright side of loosing choice! Though in my heart I believe choice and confusion are as integral to human existence as it is to eat or drink. Not at the same level, but they make society tick. From the moment, according to the fanfiction of Adam and Eve, man was punished for exercising choice. If God really loved his creation, why bother planting that apple tree smack in the middle of the garden?? Just to show who is the boss? God said man has the choice, the ultimate control over his own life, and when Eve exercised it God booted her out of paradise! Hell, forgive the pun, there is a snake in God’s own paradise? Talk about bad housekeeping!
Confusion is man wanting the best out of a situation. Obtaining the most suitable and most promising of all the options that is given to him, that is the ultimate result of getting confused. A person with a sharp decision making ability is seldom confused, but when he is , he resolves it as fast as possible and gets the better off the situation.
There is also the bad side. When confused, people tend to avoid the choice altogether. Choosing to choose none if one of the options is bad. Fearing that the wrong choices might spell doom. Cowards.
Sometimes confusion leads to a freeze in everything, decision making is the ultimate need in case of any confusion. Confusion does not rule the world, World gives us choices, we take the best of it all. No middle ground. No fear.
Live in fear of choices, the coward says. Give me choices , I know I’ll choose the best, says the winner.