Crocoducks, Fronkeys and ‘Evolution’ of Species

It is written in scriptures, believed feverish by millions, debunked with fervour by preachers and apologists, every religion worth its money says its false. It is said there is a lot of ‘missing links’, ‘why is there no fronkeys?’, and if monkeys evolved to humans, why are monkeys still around? Why are not humans walking out of forests?
And why is no Monkey Momma giving birth to a human child? Why are humans not evolving away now? Since there is no proof it is a theory, a theory that is more in tune with hypothesis, rather than a ” sum of the square of sides  is the square of hypotenuse”, the Pythagorean way.

The so called evolution of species, what is it basically? Is evolution about human beings coming to existence? Or is it about a tube-worm coming to existence and the why doesn’t Baboons have hair in their backside. Is evolution about the superiority of Human species above everything else? Wait a minute are human beings superior to others?

What I see as the major problem is the lack of willingness to even read about Evolution. A person, who slams evolution, does not even know what it is, does not have any idea about what they are talking about, nor are they willing to check up on evolution. The people are too eager to call of Darwin’s “Theory” as a myth, and illogical freak-show, which is more likely to a baseless religion “as everything is based on a single cell”, which is part funny. When it comes to hard facts, if anyone is willing to check up, Darwin’s “Origin of Species” was not a theory, it was more similar to a series of observations.

But when it comes to disqualifying the theory, everyone is an expert, from local toy-store owner to the pope. When Islamic apologists like Harun Yahya, goes big time, mass publishing books that so call debunk the ‘illogical theory’ of evolution. Sending his book “Atlas of Creation” to a lot of people. The book feeds on the ignorance of the people, or plays with the concept of “missing links”. Find the intermediate between a starfish and a fish he says. Those are widely separated species and the missing link, would not look like either of them.

It is amazing to think how shallow people think, and no, don’t know if this will make you happy, Man did not evolve from Monkey. That is not what evolution is about, all the animals you see around now, is the end of their particular thread of evolution at that moment. So, humans and all those monkeys out there which you see this instant are the final products of evolution at this particular moment of time. Those monkeys in the forest did not spring out man one day.

As Richard Dawkins puts it, the spectrum of fossilised intermediaries from current man to our common ancestor has been laid out convincingly. If there is any one who has to complain about “missing link” it is the chimps as there has been no fossils that show the evolution from the prototype common ancestor, it can be associated to a large extent to the biological diversity of the environment the monkeys choose to inhabit, and the  fetish of human beings to get rid of biological interferences in his life. ( Man touches concrete more than he touches bio matter ).

There are a lot of things things that man associates to when the world “evolution” is mentioned. First is the proverbial disbelief that is panned into mans head with religion, then there are the “missing links”, then there is the unwillingness to check onto the advancements made in this scientific area.

Evolution is based on a key feature explained by Darwin, “Natural Selection”, and the “Survival of the fittest”.  What are these?

Survival of the fittest is self explanatory and needs no further innuendo. Natural selection, is the process by which nature decides on which species to move on, and which dies off. Selection by nature is a rhetoric, and it is not nature who chooses, to be exact, it is the species who decides whether they adapt more or perish.

Can species be created? Yup, Dogs are a man-made species. That is not exactly natural, is it? I mean, after all man is intelligent, and he made dogs, that brings to this argument, to have some species created, doesn’t it involve the presence  of an intelligent person controlling this? Like a God? Hmm.. But when humans got involved in the design, the newly designed dogs were purely purpose oriented, some dogs were attack dogs, some were big, some too small, and some just looked cute. Here survival was not a key factor, they got food served at right intervals, bathed and taken care of more royally than most human beings on this planet. Now, what about the street dogs? They are not dependent on all these. As a matter of fact, they are a by product of a civilization running at a heavy speed, the stray dogs feed on wastage. Or some small animals. Of course they will attack man, or any higher species out of desperation  or in rage. But they wont survive a day when human beings are gone, they will turn on each other and will have to evolve out of being dogs to something more akin to their ancestors, the Wolves.

Intelligent Design is out of the box, it cant create a survivable race, thoroughbreds are fragile creatures. But wild horses are not. Natural selection is taking into account the betterment of the animal for survivability. Can a species  ‘change’ naturally? Yes it can. Natural selection has seen to that, the environment defines the capabilities.

And talking about why there is no Fronkeys, or Kangalions, or Zebraffs. The people who says these does not even have any idea about evolution, they consider evolution to be a phenomenon of short span, there will be a link in the evolution spectrum that links Frogs to Monkeys, but that is not a Fronkey, that may not be anything like frog or monkey, which went into generations of adaptations and in species natural selection. The people who says about these links, why dont they consider Kangaroaches or Lionsquitoes?

A major aspect that defines the attitude of man towards other animals is comparing it to humans, monkeys are similar to humans as they got digits and a humanoid form, an earthworm is far off from being a human, so they are lower, much lower than either human beings or monkeys, the hierarchy of species or food chain sits with humans designated the top spot. We are designating ourselves as the biggest thing after Big Bang, a Leech would consider humans as far less evolved as we are as much unLeech-like as ‘humanly’ possible. Point to ponder: many species of monkeys are under the threat of  extinction, earth worms and cockroaches are breeding away happy. So who is more advanced?

Of all the life forms on earth, cockroaches are the most survivable of all, they will sprout up fastest even after a Nuke blast. ( I did not say a roach will survive a nuke, but will be the fastest to regroup after one ).

A bird can fly, all on its own. We need to buy a ticket.

A bat can use biological sonar, we need to make one.

A fish can stay under water, we need either a scuba tank or a sub-marine.

A spider can stay upside down on a wall, withstanding gravity,  we need vacuum suction cups or a Red Mask, with web all over it.

A cat can fall from a height and still walk away, from the similar height we could too, but we will walk away with casts.

We are out-run, out-flown, out-swam, out-heard, out-smelled, out-seen, and we are out-survived in a hostile situation, ( leave a calf and a human new born to fend for itself, lets see who will survive. ) And we consider we are better than them. Yup, we are the same species which sub-divided into upper and lower classes, castes, religions, untouchables, blacks, whites and all the rest. A cat is a cat if it is black or white, or has spots.

Evidence of Evolution, I am only half way through in reading “The Greatest Show on Earth” by Richard Dawkins, but here are some experiments that have shown the effects of evolution well within the human life time.

1. Richard Lenski and his E.Coli experiment.

The experiment was to take a sample of E.Coli bacteria, which is very common, and sometimes some lethal strains of it pop up that takes a lot of life. The advantage of choosing the microbial organism is that the life time of it is very short, so there will be a lot of generations of bacteria within a short time, the 12 samples were taken off the same strain, then were kept in glucose rich environments,  the results after 40,000 generations were fascinating and quite ingenious. The Lenski experiment was a huge success as it is possible to “fossilize” bacteria. ( you can freeze bacteria to inactivity, and they can be re-animated as if nothing happened, Richard Lenski calls it ‘frozen fossil record’. ) That enables having a reference point for comparison. The glucose processing bacteria in a vial evolved to process the citrus content in the vials. There were notable changes in the fitness, and general size of the bacteria. (The full detailed explanation is there on page 116 of Greatest Show on Earth. )

2. The Lizards of Pod Mrcaru

There are two islets off the Croatian coast, Pod Mrcaru and Pod Kopiste, in 1971 a population of common Mediteranian lizards, Podacris sicula, which mainly eats insects or arthropods, was present in Kopiste, whilst none was present on Mrcaru. Experimenters transported 5 pairs of Podacris sicula to Mrcaru and released. In 2008, Belgian scientists, associated with Anthony Herrel, went to Mrcaru and found a flurishing population of Lizards.  DNA analysis confirmed they were Podacris sicula, the differences from the original 5 pairs when analized shows a quick evolution of internal organs, teeth structures, and food habits. While Kopiste had a generous collection of arthropods, Mrcaru was majorly vegetation. The intestinal structure, that is associated with herbivores/animals with a diet of high cellulose intake ( large stomach, well, compare a cow and a leopard) was seen in the lizards. The size of the heads were comparitively larger, teeth structure evolved to incorporate consumtion of cellulose.
Caecal valves were present in P.sicula in Pod Mrcaru, which is a specific vegetarian diet addition. That is 36 years of “evolution”, we also have to take the case of Lizards of Pod Kopiste evolving, but with a consistent enviroment, the changes can be associated as minimal. But in a  “hostile” land rigorous evolution was needed to survive, and that was what the Lizards did. Talk about rising to the occasion.

3. Dr John Endler and his Guppies
John Endler is a ethologist and a evolutionary biologist, while E.Coli reproduced asexually, Guppies gave very much importance to sexuality.  The colour patterns altered within a short span to accommodate the change  environment, adapted and evolved to meet the challenges of predatory, mild predatory and non predatory environments

Natural Selection on Color Patterns in Poecilia reticulata ( download pdf of Dr Endlers Experiment.)

The added evidence of a clear line of fossilised remains is a boon to substantiate the evolution of Man. The Wiki Page gives information galore on this. Irrefutable, unless Dawkins and other Evolutionists found some way to time travel and rig this.

But this is not the key point of Evolution. The Major fact for why evolution happened is that, it can be disproved over night. One single discovery can topple all the evolutionists and disprove evolution.

That is “Find the fossil remains of a rabbit in an era where it is not supposed to be present”. Gone. Theory of Evolution bids adieu. But there has never been any fossil find that was contradictory to the life line explained by evolutionists. The Cambrian ex0plosion was not “Creationism”, it was a new catalyst being introduced into the evolutionary chain, which reacted with a present string and made radical changes. Lenksi experiment showed us how that is possible, there was a leap in the density of E.Coli shot up in the Flash marked Ara-3. From an OD ( optical density ) of .03 it shot up to .25. Sudden changes are associated was traced back to generation 20,000 where the “fossilised” E.Coli showed increased probability for processing citrates.  That primed the Bacteria in Ara -3 for taking advantage of a subsequent mutation that will make it consume citrates, which happened in Generation 33,000. And Boom!

Proofs are out there to find. Read them. Analyse them.  See how fragile the whole “theory” is and how easy it is to disprove it, finding  a Rabbit in an age where it does not belong. That is all that is needed. Why has it not happened? Because Evolution is what happened. We did not sprout 6000 years ago.