Divorces too, are made in heaven!

Collectively, our society frowns down upon divorces. As if it were a stigma that could never be washed away. Religiously fuelled arguments on how marriage is holy and set in heaven are just as baseless as chastising the woman for the failure of a marriage.

People shy away from discussing divorce, people think the divorcees are volatile and damaged. The so called shame associated with a divorce, speaks directly about how convoluted our society have made marriages into.

Marriage is a joyful union of two people who love each other. Or who want to love each other. Divorce is the joyful separation of two people who are better off without each other. Both are equally valid events when it comes to personal happiness.

We claim that lower divorce rates means a happy society. I doubt that. When a society becomes free and people become independent, where there is no fear that without him/her I wont survive, we see that people have no inclination to continue being unhappy. When you are beaten, emotionally drained, waking up everyday is considered to be an ordeal and you cannot wait for sleep to take over for a few hours; you are not doing yourself justice. Always do yourself justice.

Religion has their own agenda; Divorces mean that their “holy” matrimony gets questioned, when celibates end up blessing marriages and takes sermons about how married life should be, they have a lot to lose. Marriages are not so holy anymore. Marriages are just the declaration of love among people. It becomes a mortal institution. When holiness gets stripped away, when rituals becomes human, when love takes center stage and not imagination. Peddlers of imagination ( that too not the good ones ) rally to call it “western influence”, “society has gone to the side of the devil” etc.

Divorces are necessary. We have only one life, we cannot let it rot because we chose wrong, we got pressured into accepting something that we hate etc.

PS: I am in a happy married life, so don’t over think in that line.