Don’t ask me about my favourite books!

So, what my favourite book series of all time ? One that has given me the absolute roller coaster ride of emotions and characters that almost become part of your life. A absolute book where women and men are equal. At war and at peace. The whole series pans about 15000+ pages and at no point do we have to agonise about the portrayal of a character.
Every single character in this series can get their own books and there will be people to read them.

The Malazan Book of the Fallen. A series that gets better with every reread. Every character becomes more prominent, more spectacular the more you read about them.

18 books. Each with about 1000 pages. But a treasure I have amassed from across the globe ( When I got to this series, there was no Flipkart and some of these books are hand delivered by people coming from overseas. Now they are everywhere. 🙂 )

Read about Whiskeyjack, about Fiddler, about Tavore, about Coltaine of the Crow Clan, about Khundryl Burned Tears, about Tavore, about The Rope, about Shadowthrone, about Quick Ben , about Hood, about Kalam, about Bottle, about Beek ( 🙁 ), about Felisin, about Heboric Ghost Hands, about Corrab, about Gesler and Stormy, about Anomander Rake, about the Traveller, about Dassem. The list goes on. Everyone a legend. Every death, epic.

“Who are we fighting for again?”
“No wonder we are losing”