Don’t be on the Wrong Side of History


Reality check. I have been to the marriages of my relatives, my friends and generally a load of people. Most of them were arranged. In other words, the marriage was between strangers. Saw the “For Sale” or ” I want to buy” posts on matrimony websites and contacted, bargained and set a price. Then I see the marriages of people who fell in love and get married after going through veritable hell created by their own friends, family and “log”.

Then there is this speech by the priest, “A match made in heaven“, “With so much love from the parents and to the god ordained perfect match“. I am surprised at the number of lies that needs to be said just to make sure that it “looks” like it was all planned and ordered by their. Two my friends recently got married to each other, I know the shit that they had to go through. But when the priest took the mike, it was all red roses and awesomeness and love from god. It was weird listening to him spewing lie after lie.
Every so called match made in heaven implies that the matrimony websites are the match-makers, hence heaven. And for that match to be made, caste has to match, astrology has to be spot on, there is everything except love.

When a girl says ” I don’t think I can go along with the guy”, ” I don’t think I can love him”; The parents are still waiting for a REASON for why she can’t marry him.

Then there are the people who separate after the ‘holy matrimony’ and church just “annuls” it. It never happened. Such a white-faced lie to make it feel like, if it did not survive, it was not just “not made in heaven”, it never happened. Convenient.

If your moral is based on old books and not your own convictions & common sense, you are siding with the insane. When a book that contradicts itself is the source of your decisions, and that everything will all go down to anarchy without it, you are a terrible human being, absolutely incapable of original thinking and doing the right thing

If you entire code of life is based on the fear that there will be punishment or reward at the end of it, you are mistaken. You are not a good human being, you are just being an opportunist.

Rant continues.

I see that people quote from the holy books to talk might on how it was “Adam and Eve” and not “Adam and Steve”; Quoting Leviticus and then trying to make Matrimony as some sort of holy entity. How can it be “holy” if it is not based on love? Who are we to define love for anyone else?

More than 7 billion people believe in different gods or none, there are innumerable versions of gods. Tell me this. Can you say that your god is against love?  Say that the Christian god is against love. The Muslim god is against love. The Hindu Gods are against love. Can you?

Make that statement. I dare you. I double dare you. If you say that and then put the * and then try to define love in your terms.

Let me tell you this. Love is just that. Love. Even your bible defines it. ( And of course counter defines it! ).

If you quote Leviticus, then tell me about your tattoo or the clothes you wear. Tell me about the number of slaves you have. Tell me about the time you agreed to get your kid killed for your fanaticism, tell me about the time you agreed to get your girl children raped to save angels.

No? But still base your homophobia on Bible ? If you are so narrow and a bigot, then be aware that the world is changing.

There may be lot of Facebook users who changed their profile pictures to rainbow thinking it is a fad. But many of them knew what they were doing. That is called progress. That is called the evolution of a community.

There was a time when Black people and White people could not marry. Those who supported that ended up in the wrong side of history. There IS a time when different caste people couldnt marry each other. There are people who support that. That is called being in the wrong side of history.

When you have kids and the kids live in an open world where sexuality is “none of anyone else’s business” you might realise this : You were on the wrong side of history too.