Get a F*cking Car Seat!

Here’s the one that I got for my sister’s newborn.

As someone who has not yet decided on whether or not to have kids, sometimes how mothers and fathers taking ‘care’ of children appalls me. There is a reason why vehicles got seat belts. But that is never enough when you got a kid.
Kids standing in front of the shot gun seat, mothers ( or fathers ) holding their children while sitting in the shotgun seat, kids roaming freely on the rear seat. How many of you stop to think about the worst case scenario?

1: Shotgun seats of almost all modern cars got an airbag which deploys to protect the passenger. Anyone under 13 years of age would not be able to survive the impact of the airbag. The very safety feature might kill your kid.
2: First law of motion will ensure that anyone who is not belted in will get their head punched in though the windshield or the front seat if there is an emergency stop.

If you care about your kids, get a car seat and ensure that the baby is always transported in that. If the baby is over 5 years, ensure that he/she always wear a seatbelt.

Yes, kids might make a fuss, but educate them or go to the rear seat and sit with them. This is for their safety. You might think that you will protect the baby better if you are holding the baby. No, physics just doesn’t care.

Baby car seats are not expensive, co-passenger seat is not for babies under 13.

Everyone belt up when they are in a car.

PS: Wear a fucking helmet when you are on a two wheeler as well. Seen too many pizzas on the road for my liking.

PPS: Get it from Amazon