Every man in this world has a ghost story to tell. Personal experiences are few, but ” this happened to my friend”, “when my uncle went to ..” ” do you know what THEY say about this place..” etc rules the ghost story department. There will be pet ghosts for almost all towns, and haunted houses are a spectacle. Old, broken down houses, covered in vines and spider webs, broken glass windows puts up the perfect back ground for a fantastic ghost story. Add in a few untimely deaths, and the story is a crowd puller.

Ghosts, are they figments of imagination or are they real? Is there really spirits roaming about in this world? And does the spirit calling routines so famous in girls hostels really working? There are people who go after the
supernatural. The Real World Constantines and Ghost Busters. What makes it so irresistible? The belief that the
supernatural can help/harm people in ways that are not accessible to the people? Or is it mans’ fear to the unknown? In a lot of cases, ghosts and ghost stories, haunted houses are cash cows. The movie business is sure to put out a few every
year. But another successful venture is the area of prostitution, drug dealing and other below the radar activities. Get a house in an area as a haunted house, with an active spirit guarding the doors, their business is safe from a lot of spooks and people, they are scared to go near it. Sounds produced are explained as ghost moaning and squeaking, bangs and thuds are doings of an angry ghost. Reality may be different. Put in a freakshow sometime and it is guaranteed to be a criminal safe-house.

How does Ghosts work?

Ghosts stories work in our minds. A ghost movie is scarier is the plot somehow adds in real life common events to it, explaining a daily activity as a spirit influenced one. The more real the plot is the more scarier the movie becomes. The human mind is susceptible to suggestions from multiple input points. What we hear, see and feel are interpreted by our brain a bit more biased because of what we have heard.

A group of young, junior Che -Guevara’s decided to visit a haunted house. Lets go inside their heads.
What are they going to visit? : A haunted house.
There should be a lot of stories about the spirits residing there?: Yes, a lot.
You sure it is all false?: Yes, there is nothing in this world called ghosts!
But what about all those stories, That old man was shaking when he told about what happened to that little girl: The guy is delusional..
You sure? : I think So..
So you are not sure.. : I said I am.
Ok OK.. There is no ghosts there right? : Damn right.
Lets just say, there is what will you do? : There is no Ghosts there!!
What if there is!? I don’t know..
What if you find yourself alone and all your friends are missing? ::
End of story, he will believe the place is haunted.

This is how things work in our mind. The what-if factor plays a high hand in the game of belief. Many stories grow with telling, omitting certain words to add to the color of the story, to make it more un-natural, even the person who made up the story will start believing in it. All thanks to “what-if” factor. It is a known fact that mixing up letters within words, keeping the start and end letters the same, wont be giving the reader any trouble. We know the word, we wont even see the spelling. We see what we want to see.

That said, when we look at a ghost house, everything will have a ghost tinge. Old houses creak. But if an old house said to be haunted creaks then it is the ghosts’ doing. Windows slam in the wind. If it is a haunted house? It is the ghost.
Lights in the house? Reflection from road, Ghost lights. Everything changes with our perspective. When we look at a house that is said to be haunted, we see a haunted house.

Our belief systems, our susceptibility to get scared of things unknown makes us believe in ghosts. To tell the truth, I am
writing this, sitting alone, with just my laptop lights. I got pretty scared ;) Its my mind working its thing.. I had goosebumps for almost 90% of the time I was writing this. Was that because my mind was playing tricks on me? Or was it because some Ghosts looking over my shoulder at what I was typing? I will never know!