God – The Super Policeman

Lets be 12 years old for a few minutes. Imagine what responses would you have got, if you asked your parents, ” Where did I come from? “. The answers will be weird and seldom will the true answer be said.
When I was a child, I was told not to do a lot of things. I was told not to take a breakable glass because it will bite me! Not allowed to go out at night because of “Makkan”, some kinda fictitious character that preys on kids!
I believed in Santa Claus and was a good boy so that I could get my presents. Our civilisation has no tooth fairy, else I’d have believed in that too, when I was a kid.

Now when I look back, I can see that all these things I believed in were imaginary constructs that was said so that I would do certain things at certain times.

What is God then? Another Santa Claus that even adults believe in? Some super-natural police man who watches over everything and gives points for good deeds and reduces points for bad? How can we be a 5 pointer in Gods’ book?

God – The ultimate law and order guy. You can do nothing without popping up in God’s radar. No one can fly under it, even if the world does not see it, God does. Civilization needed something like that. To keep immorality in check. To avoid people taking advantage of other people.
Some one who always has the eyes on you.

The ultimate scaremongering factor in the world, and God was such a hit! He does law and order in every country, InterPol of the whole world.

God never directly gets involves they say. God works through people. Why cant a person who did something good be credited for what he did? It was God working through him. God was the spook that the world created to bring law and order back into this world. And with that just like giving a foot in the door, that boogeyman became Everything. The giver and taker of life, happiness. Give me a Break. Talk about a Police-man Becoming the LAW.