I am Offended!

“I am offended”. Thrown out against anything that a person does not like, anything that voices opinions contradictory to theirs, anything that puts up an idea that invalidates theirs, anything that would put them and their bubble of life near to a pin.

Who the hell cares!

Who the hell cares!

I have heard this “I am offended” line too much in my life to remember the count. It is thrown at me when I say that there is No pink horse, no yellow monkey or there is nothing out there to ” I am not allowed to give it a shape but it is something may be horse, may be monkey, may be just pink or it can even be yellow” person. 

Many get offended by the beliefs of people who does not believe in their pet beliefs, but since the others are also in the same boat of having some sky animals in weird colors, they are grudgingly accepted. It is also accepted by twisting the truth. His yellow monkey may in actuality be a pink horse or his non defined colors or animal shape may in fact be the underside of the monkey. All these re-imagining hits the block when someone comes over and says, actually there is nothing up there. No twistable truths, no rewritable books. Just nothing. Void. Absense. Reality.

And those who can’t defend their side gets offended. The funniest thing is that the 3.2 billion  strong fellowship gets persecuted by a few people in armchairs and drinking beers. To them, it is easy to take the stance of the victim, because from the start all of them have been victims of the biggest con job in the world. A few inteligent guys twisting the fear of the ignorant into gods and creating a non-tax paying multi-billion dollar industry. They are victims alright, of their own most inner ignorance and victimizability. They don’t know any better and any voice against their hypocrisy is “oppression”.

Getting oppressed and offended by ideas, thoughts, FACTS with Evidence. It is the worst varient of being the ignorant with power. In the 2000 years or more of “explosive expansion through war and colonialism” could not match the 200 years of actual science in terms of theories with evidence to prove them. As William Lane Craig says ” God is the best example of…..  a lot of shitty things”.


Get offended about real things, not ideas.

Get offended about children who dies, about wars that kill, about governments that oppress.

Get offended about real life, stop getting offended about your imagination.


I am an outspoken atheist and I have a lot of atheist, religious, non-practising, spiritual, apologestic agnostic friends. I have a very religious family and a very religious family-in-law. I love all these people and being religious or not has nothing to do with me loving these people.