Justice is not Punitive

“Every punishment is based, not on logic or the feeling of justice, but on the desire to wish evil on those who have done evil to you or to another person.”
―Leo Tolstoy

Protests and rallies erupt every single time a woman gets raped, everyone calling for  “justice”.  Candle light dharnas  and people talking vociferously about getting “justice” to the victim. What is this “justice”?   To most people “justice” means, beheading, public hanging, cutting off genitals, hot oil baths, torture, etc. Really?
This is also the core of what is wrong with our justice system, we base it on punishment. Punishment, IF caught. ( Religions got it better, they make it punishment on death. Boo, everyone dies. )
Again, the lynchpin of our justice system on the fear of punishment. If you ever heard a single motivational speech, it would have told you about how to ” Overcome your fears”. Fuckin-A.

We teach people how to commit crimes: Overcome your fear of punishment. It is easy. A few drinks, few asshole friends, too much adrenaline, fear, anger, sadness, regret etc can do that. Basically any emotion can get you to overcome your fears.

Justice is not about punishment. Justice is never about death.
Justice is about prevention. Justice is about correction.

When we say that ” he deserves capital punishment”, we have failed as a civilisation. If the educated and the intelligent calls for “public hanging, stoning or hot-oil treatment, genital disfigurement or chop off good ol’ douchebag” we fuckin’ failed as a civilisation.

  • We have failed in correcting the perps early enough.
  • We give up on people who needs correction.

Neither of which are right. We see people on the street who wants to go “all uncivilised” on the perpetrators of brutality. We are looking at addressing things that do not matter.

We should be creating a society thats equal, that tells people to be who they are, a society that take care, a society that tells “do not rape” instead of “do not get raped”.
Yes, there is evil. There are people who won’t comply. There will be rapists. We invest in them. We find out everything that ever happened to that person and every other person who does these violent acts of cruelty and we make sure that no one in the future goes through those events that would have triggered these outbreaks. We study. We learn. We avoid. We invest. Yes “investing in a rapist. Investing in a murderer. ” It sounds insane. But think about it. Punishing a rapist or a murderer will not bring back the victim, it won’t unrape, it won’t bring back the dead.
True justice is about making sure that things like this never happens again. What would you have? A rapist punished by death or making sure that our future won’t have rapists?

Learn. Understand. Act. Save the future. Do not give in to bloodlust. That’s not justice. It never was.