Life as a Married Couple!

 I had loved her for 7 years on the day we got married. After that one year has passed. Married, couples, friends, licensed for “that” etc. It is almost the time when the older folks start asking the next “question” that indirectly tries to suggest that our family is not complete.

I still remember the night she called up to tell me that she loves me. I was sitting on the steps of Men’s Hostel at my college, after more than 7 months of her telling “Get Lost” to each and every ” I love you” I told her from Valentine’s Day that year.

She started saying ” Me too” to every “I love you” I said and I did not like it. For me, every “I love you” should be responded with an “I love you”, not “me too” or “ilu2″. It was always ” I love you” after that. Except, of course, all the time we fight and I want to save face before accepting my mistake, I try putting in an “I love you”. It never works.

She is such a unique package of impish cheer, really intelligent thinking, love for freedom, independent and highly capable and says so many poor jokes.

I used to think loudly about how can one can love JUST one person all their lives. I would say it is all about meeting the right person. I got married exactly 7 years after she told me that she loves me. And tomorrow it will be one year after that and 8 years of being with each other.

It is an awesome feeling to be in love each and every day of your life. So much in love that sometimes during serious fights, I can’t stop smiling because I know neither of us can stay angry at each other for long. And sometimes we fight for absolutely no reason at all. There were a few years in our lives when all the fights were about things we will or won’t do in the future, the fights used to stay live for hours before one of us says, ” shit, we have absolutely nothing to fight about so that we are fighting about something that might or might not do 10 years in the future”. Sense returns and both of us starts laughing. The usual fights after marriage are about why I did not clean the kitchen, why I left the juice tetra-pack on the bed, what is the food plate doing under the bed and to top it all, ” why the hell do you pee with the toilet seat down”!. Survivable stuff that I can somehow manage. Sometimes it includes washing plates at 2AM and sometimes it involves 20 minutes on the couch. ( Before I cool down and go back to her to apologise that is 😉 ).

We fight all the time, but then we know we love each other way much more than any reason for any fights. And as every couple in love, only one of us freaks out at a time. When I am freaked out about work, she is there to console me, get me back on track and screw my head straight. And I am there for her when she flies off the handle. The most surprising thing would be the fact that the things I freak out would be exactly the things she will freakout one day down the line. But we are there for each other.

No fight is worth a tear. That is an unwritten rule for us. We debate, we argue, we fight but if a tear comes down, if I hurt her or she hurts me and either of us becomes sad, the fight is over. Nothing is worth the sadness between us. If I lose an argument, that is it, I lost an argument. But if she becomes sad, we both lost our discussion. Winning is not important when the person you defeat is the person you love more than yourself.

The one thing that I value most in our relationship is the fact that we are two individual people. We have similar ideologues in some topics, we have compatible ideologies on many and we have diametrically opposite views on others. Marriage has not changed who we are. I am still Christin Emmanuel George and she is Preethi Susan George. We debate, discuss, fight, share and improve our perceptions. My only complaint would be that I can’t go full postal nerd on her. Can’t discuss why Batman will win if he gets at least a bit of warning in a fight with Superman. I can’t discuss Star Trek or Star Wars philosophically. ( The idiot had slept off when I was telling her the brief story of Star Wars) . I can’t plat CoD Multiplayer with her, though she loves to kick ass with Mortal Kombat and Ruzzle. But I can talk about gay rights, religion, current affairs, science, drool over David Attenborough programs, watch National Geographic, Discovery and Animal Planet. Though I get tortured with Roadies, Spiltsvilla and Masterchef Australia, its a small price to pay, for she also watches TED videos with a fervour that I can’t match in my good days. She is the only girl I know who has TEDTalks in her phone!

I am proud of who she is, I am proud of what she does. She is the one who pushes me for excellence. She is the one who earns for us both while I am in my pursuit of glory as an entrepreneur. She is the one who has guided our relationship through the thick and thin, she is the one I can’t live without.

It has been one year of being married, it has been one year of being with each other completely.

Happy Anniversary Preethi Susan George. You are everything in this world for me.

EDIT : It was 6 years of togetherness when we got married, and this not was written when we were together for 7 years. I suck at counting from  Sept 19:2006.