No, I do not care about the rapists

I don’t give a damn about the rapists. They can all go rot in hell for all I care.
My concern will always be with the raped or the “victim” as the media calls it. I don’t want another victim, whether it means there are rapists or no rapists.

Punishment may look awesome. But is it worth the time we spend on discussing the punishment? The key should be prevention. Punishment does not make sense because a mob does not care and a rapist is NOT thinking with this his brain but with his dick.

What to do?
Tell your kids that being a girl is perfectly fine. Actually it is great! ( If you have any doubt on how great it is, ask a guy who ever got knocked in the balls. )
Tell your kids that, a “consent” is about a girl/boy actually asking you to have sex with him/her. Not a sexy walk, not a wide hip, not a burqa, a sexy dress or being drunk or out in the night. Tell them that a girl and a boy together is just normal, try getting one for yourself and then you will see how great it is, and you can appreciate how great it is for those who deserves not even a glance from the public.

Alteast this will clean up the future, castrate/ kill/ stone the current fuckers for all I care.

PS: If I ever have a son or daughter and your son or daughter does anything to him or her that she or he does not want, then both you and your son will be saying hi to the baseball bat I will have at my home.

PPS: I am non-violent.