Passing Basket Balls

How many ways can people pass basket ball? Here is a video that shows a group of people, passing two basket balls. Lets play a game. Lets count the number of times the two balls are passed and the times they are bounced by the people in it. Can you keep the counts? Play the video then, but there is a catch, watch it only once. Be truthful to yourself. Please don’t read the contents below the video.. yet.

Saw the video? Hope you saw it only once :) . Confident about the numbers? Cool, even if you think you missed a few passes, or bounces it is fine, Click Here.

Please dont continue reading without checking the link above, it will defeat the whole purpose of this.


So, you saw the video and know why I asked you to see it, what do you say? Were your eyes sharp enough to catch on? Or were you among those normal people who missed it? Now, if you watch again, you will see that there indeed is something like that in the video, for about half a dozen seconds, and you did not notice it.

I just wanted to say, eyes are deceptive, focus is a mechanism, while allowing us to see what we want, also keeps us from seeing what we dont want to see. Now, if you again watch the video, all you will be seeing will be the moments you missed out before. Why, we now know what we are to see, and accordingly, we are seeing only that.

The point of the hole charade? If you want to see God, pray and you will definitely see him. Why? Because our brain is a deceptive organ, it wants to make us happy, as excited states sent more oxygen to it. Seeing God definitely is an adrenaline pumping experience.

Personal experiences wit God, scientifically are brain induced states of hallucination, human beings are susceptible to paranoia. High on weed and you can see alternate realities, it gives visions, it shows gods and devils, so weed is god? To addicts, yes.

Also, in mass spiritual concerts, many people claim they saw the same things, lights, hands, touch on foreheads,  Just break away from the scenario, listen to the head preacher, who is guiding you thoughts, who is manipulative your brain, touch , sight, sense and feel, all are brain inducing, and the preacher is , for the absence of  a better word, mind f*cking the mass. Their thoughts are manipulated and their senses are guided by the ambiance and the voice of the  evangelist.  Sensory perceptions are modified, your wants are projected, brain, acts accordingly, you see god.

Oh, what about silence? I agree that the preacher might have influenced me, but what about the voice I heard when I was praying inside my own room. I had no one who was guiding me.

True, but you were praying, praying for something to happen, and being a believer, your mind is expecting an answer, in your head and heart, you BELIEVE. Your brain agrees, kicks on the feeds that are vision and  feel. You see God.

So you say,