Physics, Chemistry, Biology and ‘Shastra’

Here in India, we have a completely convoluted and mistaken idea about what is Science. It has all to do with what gets to be called ‘Shastra’, a word that  also denotes Science, among other things. When we consider everything that gets tagged with ‘Shastra‘, the real science take a backseat.

Palmistry is a Shastra. So is Panch-Pakshi Shastra ( It has something to do with the Astro-Stellar force of an individual! )

Then there are the parrot toting astrologers ( link ). They can predict future from the tarot cards picked up by  parrots. Astrology is considered as a science. Even the highly educated folk consider Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Pluto ( is there Pluto ? ) to affect a mans life. And also his wife’s.

I just saw a book called Biorhythms of the Natal Moon, Biorhythm? Natal Moon? Pseudo-scientific, utterly meaningless words to impress the poor guy who fall for the big words. Here is the link to the book.

The system is unfailing as it is based on natural laws of the five elements (Pancha Mahabhutas) combined with astro-stellar force of each individual.This can be successfully applied in all matters of life in the fields of Horary, Electional, Medical Astrology and especially on Natal  Astrology.

What a load of nothing!  Reading this is like listening to a homeopathy doctor who keep on saying.. nothing. Pseudo-Science, Alternative Medicines.

Here, everything is a science.  Vasthu Shastra ( It is the metaphysical plan of a building that incorporates the course of the heavenly bodies and supernatural forces. Meta physical plan of a building? Incorporate heavenly bodies and supernatural forces? ).

A  non-Indian Shastra, called Pranic Healing® is a highly developed and tested system of  energy medicine . What is it, really? Pranic Healing® is applied on the bio-electromagnetic field known as the aura, or energy body, which is a mould or blueprint that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. This energy body absorbs life energy and distributes it throughout the physical body, to the muscles, organs, glands, etc. Bio-electromagnetic field?  A load of mind boggling trash.

When all these are called Shastras, along with Physics, Chemistry and Biology, we create a pseudo-authenticity for the Indian/Non-Indian Shastras. This pseudo-authenticity is utilised by the doctors/practitioners to make money and get themselves some respectability.  Common misconceptions about these Shastras builds up a generation of people who believe all Shastras are authentic.

If anyone has to know what Indian Shastras are, check up on Koka Shastra.

The real scientists, try to explain science in simple words, for the common man to understand.

Stephen Hawking did not write ‘A Brief History of Time’ to be read by scientists. Richard Dawkins explained evolutionary biology to the common man in T’he Blind Watchmaker’, ‘The Selfish Gene’, ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ etc.


How to understand real Science?

“If you cant explain it simply, you didn’t understand it well enough” Albert Einstein.

“I would like to add something that’s not essential to the science, but something I kind of believe, which is that you should not fool the laymen when you’re talking as a scientist. . . . I’m talking about a specific, extra type of integrity that is not lying, but bending over backwards to show how you’re maybe wrong, an integrity that you ought to have when acting as a scientist. And this is our responsibility as scientists, certainly to other scientists, and I think to laymen.” Feynman.

Keep the explanations simple, in words that everyone understand. Explanations from  Dawkins, Hawking, Neal deGrasse Tyson, Feynman and Weinberg keeps it simple. While all this other Shastra scientists make complicated big words to explain what they want to say. Making up important-sounding but completely meaningless words like : Astro Stellar, bio-electromagnetic, biorhythm, Memory of Water ( Homeopathy ) etc.

When someone like Deepak Chopra unloads unrecognisable words like these, just ask them “What the fuck does that mean? ”