Politics of Education!

When the world was ready to accept just literates into the complex fold of running a country or working as a public servant, our society shunned education. When everyone is literate, the spectrum of being the administrators of the nation switched onto the highly qualified. Now even Engineers are not needed for anything, may be write blogs, but nothing else. Our Nation is on the fast-track of giving education to every citizen. But is that education enough? Can the education provided help people to attain success? The Standard of Education in our country is limited and not helpful in guiding a person to be what he want to be?

The SSLC exam, or Secondary School Leaving Certificate exam is the first hurdle to be crossed by most of the students. But does this help in attaining their goals? Wont the total percentage of 60, received by a student who is extremely talented in Math because of his low marks in English Grammar and other topics have a adverse result in him pursueing what he like?
Educational system is flawed from that point when the induction of new ideals/ updating the current topics being taught are not done. How can students of today, always afloat with the newest of technology learn something that they have deemed ” Ancient”? Just because the people who write the syllabus are “Ancient” does that mean our whole system will never reach an advanced stage of teaching tomorrow today?
Our educational system is working on principles that are suited in a 1800’s society. The Matriculation exams are a test of a students skill. To which level can they succeed? I have met people , extremely talented buckle when they are forced to learn something they do not want to.

I wanted to study computers and programming when I went to college, I was given a set of electronics papers to mug up. What does that do? Because we need a degree we should force ourselves to study things we don’t want to?
CUSAT added Control Systems as a paper for all streams because a principal loves that topic! Shouldn’t the student be allowed to choose what he want to major in and be given certifications if he passes the set standards in that topic he wanted to learn?

Educational system of our country cannot implement any level of dynamism to the topics that students want to learn. The tried and tested, and working schematics of an ancient system is still being followed here. Creativity development or extra-curricular is considered as below their status. The Choice of what some one wants to learn should rest solely on him.That seems fair, though implementing it will be scowled upon!

Our educational system is being corrupted by the Communist Govt that rules over in Kerala.

The Communists think their struggles against feudal lords are bigger than Indian Struggle for Independence. They took of the parts in 7th grade text books that said about Indian Freedom struggle took of Details about Mahatma Gandhi and added AKG ( some communist leader who is dead). Is that what people call patriotic? A Govt. using facilities at its disposal to spread it own twisted messages of riots!

They wanted to add topics that were anti-religious, because communists shun religion. Communists cannot respect India and they think they are above the nation. Educational system should be taken off the hands of manipulative systems and be asserted to a impartial, national organization that is professional and democratic. To prevent the effects of unwanted political elements and giving a globally standardized educational system.
Education is the only weapon the kids of these day have , Students Fronts’ kids do have other weapons, let it be free of dirty politics!

Current educational system can produce a set of highly qualified Illiterates, who will live life like a text book when anything off-topic will destroy everything!