Protecting things that doesn’t need Protecting

The comments on stories that “offends” the sentiments of any select group of people is always an eye opener. Death threats, rape threats, house invasions, really toxic verbal abuse and it even goes up generations. The “offended” group wants to pin that “slight” on an opposing group.

The so called culture protectors, “protect” their culture with verbal diarrhea and physical mauling. To someone who doesn’t get offended, it all looks like a circus.

If your beliefs were so fickle that a cartoon riles you up, the problem is not with the cartoon. It’s with the belief. If you believe in a super-power, the first thing to KNOW is that the being is super-powered. It can take care of itself.

Social commentary, satire, cartoons, all these are forms of expression. And if you want to counter one, you use the same medium.

As Gandhi said, ” A Cartoon for a Cartoon, makes the world a better place”. ( This is what he meant when he said eye for an eye. )

A cartoon should not lead to intolerance, intolerance should lead to cartoons. Simple realisations like most of the world does not share your views, should be an eye opener on how fickle these “beliefs” are. More people disbelieve than believe. More people think that you are wrong, than think that you are right. You won’t go to heaven according to the majority.

Let that sink in.

World is weird, we destroy what we know, what we see, what we can touch and feel, to attain something that has absolutely no proof. Your neighbour is real. Be it an individual, a group, a caste, a religion, a country or a race. They are all real.

If I followed a god and someone made a joke about that god, I would laugh it off. Why ?
1: I am already blinded by my ‘faith’ and it is not shakeable by jokes.
2: You have as much right to talk, as I have.

If jokes on beliefs make people go violent and incoherently blind, then the other side should also be true. I have super religious people on my friends list, when I get annoyed, I unfollow them. I do not go there to abuse their entire ancestry, or threaten them. At max, I might try for a civil conversation. I am yet to see a guy without a belief go postal on religious content.

Respect is not something you ask for, it’s something that’s freely given. If you or your organisation is worthy. If it’s not, then asking for respect just digs the pit even more.

Just to repeat, most people do not believe what you believe. That includes me. But evidence and logic are true if you believe it or not. That’s the light that should guide us.