They say that their relationship with god is personal. That it is a connection that is divine, but at an individual level. They say that their faith is unshakeable, all encompassing and the ultimate truth. They say that nothing can break it.

They say that religion is a way of life, different paths to one truth.

I am sure that every religious person would meticulously repeat this. Again and again. ( Assumption, can be proven wrong easily ).

But let’s look at it once more. If your relationship with god is personal, then what someone else does should not affect you. Your blood would stay at its normal temperature if someone eats something that you are prohibited by your god from eating. After all, that is what a personal relationship is all about. It is yours.
Faith in itself is a belief without evidence. When I say evidence, it’s of that kind that is admissible in the court of Law. Not feelings or voices in your head. ( Even eyewitness is not conclusive anymore )

So if your faith is unshakeable, your belief paramount, you should never get offended.

For example, what would you do with someone who says “1+1=4” ? You try teaching them the principles, you explain it by keeping one apple and then another apple together and ask how many apples are there in total, etc. If that doesn’t work, you roll your eyes, you let it go.

Because in your heart you know the truth. You try explaining, it doesn’t work. You move on. You do not have anything to prove there. You do not go with a war cry.

Oh wait, that is science. If you know how something works, you do not need to bullshit about it. But there would be a massive argument between someone who says “1+1=3” and “1+1=4”.Because both of them are bullshitting.

Evidence and facts, they are not biased. They just are.

Now we see wars and riots, murders and molesting, in the name of one god or other, then the pacifists in the religions will wash their hands off by calling them “dissidents” or “not true *insert religion* here”. It’s not easy to identify a ” not true religionist”.

If your faith is strong, you have no doubts. But then humans are innately logical. Have you seen ANY mainstream scientists going after religion for its approval ?
No peer reviewed science journal has ever taken a line from a text book and try explaining it the religious way. But boy, you should see the other side. They take everything from “holy texts” and attempt to equate it with a scientific discovery.
I still remember someone on my feed going ” They discovered a particle of god! Hallelujah!”

And not when I look at what I wrote, I have no clue what I was trying to say.