Relationships 101

When two people decide to be together, they are in a relationship. ( D’uh, Relationship 101 ).
They got two different ideologies, multiple points of view and for all practical reasons, two independent people. They are together because they love being together.To me I feel more happy when I am around my wife than when I am not. ( It is not to say that I do not love the occasional binge-gaming or binge-series-watching time I get, alone at home 🙂 )

Relationships are two people against the world.

In India for any relationship to reach somewhere there is an uphill battle that starts from friends, goes onto immediate family and ends up at the second cousin of a friend of the guy who comes to do gardening at your neighbours house. Everyone has a say in it.
Its a team game to make the relationship work.

You and me against the world.

Having each other’s back at all times is the only way forward, be it the closest of the family members to the aforementioned cousin.

Trust is a huge factor in any relationship. Trust someone until proven untrustworthy. Yes, everyone nowadays has gone through multiple relationships, there will be stupid remnants from old ones that bubble up when you choose to spend more and more time with someone. Recognising it as past, understanding that bygones are bygones and looking forward is the only way up.The best part about a relationship is the implicit trust that needs to be there. Yes, you will grow to know more and more about someone, and what you know, is meant to be between the two people. That’s the love that needs to be there.

I have been in love for more than 11.5 years now. ( 10 years with my wife and 1.5 years with someone else 🙂 )
In the past 10 years we have fought with each other on a range of subjects. ‘Yuuge’ fights. But it all boils down to how we have to build out our relationship, about how we need to spend more time with each other, how I should be reducing my PS4 time, yadda yadda.
End of the day, we can sit back and look at it and say, we were fighting for us and our relationship.

Yes, we also fight when she thinks I am being super insensitive to others. But, we never fought with each other for someone else.

In a relationship, the first priority is the people in it. They are the team. If that doesn’t happen and starts sniping above and beyond, it might not be a very healthy, it might turn sour too fast too soon.

As I said, your relationship is with that one person* and not his mom, dad, uncles, aunties, cousins or friends. Also, by no means, it is about the second cousin of a friend of the guy who comes to do gardening at your neighbours house.

* ( or many, if all are okay with it).