Stay at Goa

Its one thing to know that your cousin got a place in Goa that you can stay with friend when you head there. It is totally another thing when you enter the house and you are actually silent for a moment seeing how literally beautiful the place is!
A bunch of us from Bangalore took our cars ( technically one car belonged to Zoomcar, but I won’t let that hinder the narrative ) and head out to Goa for the Diwali + Rajyotsava holiday. On a random chance I called up my cousin and enquired about their Flat that they were thinking of putting up as a service apartment, it was available and I booked it just like that. We got there pretty late due to a navigational misinterpretation and an till-then-unknown Google Map feature. I won’t say much about the house, for that we have the pictures. ( So understand that each picture = 1000 words ). If I talk about the length and breadth that Jivitha Crasta and Babychen Mathew went to make sure that we had a happy stay there, it might end up being too incredulous. But these guys are really awesome hosts.
Get them a ring when you are heading to Goa next time, trust me the place is worth it.

Did I forget to mention? We walk from the road onto the buildings terrace and get down to the house via the Terrace!


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