The business called Administering a Nation

Politicians are the most versatile, dynamic, trustworthy when they get a share in profit, and backstabing when truth, justice or common good is considered. They use anything and everything at their disposal to further their political career. The fields and occasions they use for getting political mileage is as bizarre as they are entertaining. A death in the constituency shows a weepy politico who holds everyones hand, and says how sorry he is for the loss of the family.
Two minutes later, he’ll be inciting violence at a public place, with such disregard for life and property damage. Dynamic!

In politics there’s no permanent allies, or ideals, there is only a permanent interest. And that interest is ‘how to screw the nation, the people and make ourselves rich’. No political party is free of this. We have seen Alliances switched and alliances made. Its like corporate partnerships. Mutual profit.

The political parties that try to get mileage out of the ignornce of people are the most despicable. And those parties that condemn everything thats not red. Atleast the other parties put forth notions like nation, constitution, progress and international relationship up forth. Unlike those parties that favor only certain level of progress that is creating a generation completely brain dead with no choice or life aspirations other than what the party says. Like the comrades. Die for party, like for party. I tend to live and die for my country. And respect my constitution. The political parties never give anything to the people without getting atleast double for themselves.

Certain political parties abstain from normal modes of justice, the party decide the innocence of its comrades. Theire’s an established judiciary here for doing that. Nobody has given the political parties any right to be the judge jury and executioner. How can any political party that scorns at the Judiciary and Constitution be given any chance to administer the nation?

Our hands may be tied, but we’re not blind.We’re Indians.