The ‘Culture’ of Burqah

Yes, burqah is a symbol of oppression, of male dominance, of patriarchy and of the sick concept that seeing a woman’s hair or skin drives men to “bad thoughts”, and the fact that the woman’s body is preserved for its single male ‘user’.

But whatever the case may be, progress is not made by forceful de-burqification. That again is in equal measures tyrannical and oppressive. That’s not a progressive measure.

Empowerment is from within, you cannot force a person to be empowered. It just doesn’t work that way.

Edit : More context on this, might change my views.

Update: 1.

From James Mathew :
1: US won independence through armed revolution, and anonymous pamphlets, hence it’s citizens get to keep guns, practice freedom of speech.
2. Colonialists extracted farm tax from Indians, so in free India all farmers rich and poor enjoy tax free life.
3. Japan had a long martial history which ended in atomic bombing, hence the country remains pacifist ever since.
4. French escaped authoritarianism and religious oppression, hence they eradicate religion from public space.