The Hapless Bikers

Yes, everyone recommends biking, they all call it the environment friendly, healthy and albeit slower mode of personal transport. Countries work hard to include biking into their city planning. Lanes for bikers, racks for transporting cycles in buses and trains.

Yes, we love biking. But in India it is a life threatening activity. Well, I can’t complain much, but anything on the roads here is a life threatening, but for a biker, it seems more closer to home. We don’t have super bright lights, we don’t have anything around us to protect us, we can’t even accelerate to prevent a fall.

And most of the time how does a biker get screwed ? When the “big ass vehicle” drivers, who can be anyone from an auto rickshaw driver to that of a 36 wheeler turnining into you, never seeing all the blinkers, the lights and the reflector jackets.

When someone overtakes you just to turn right onto a side road about 2 meters ahead and you need to brake like crazy to avoid it. People who walk on the road, who can see the white light, the myriad of blinkers etc and still walk on the same fucking line as as a Biker with limited light and no freaking high beam, we see the zombie in the last minute only.

The pedestrians are a menace. A big freaking menace. They decide ” It is just a cycle”. Well the “just cycle” in our hands can accelerate to the speeds of a commuter bike on flat roads. I have seen the look of surprise on the faces of many who see the biker, then decide to cross and I whiz past them with inches to spare. “How the fuck did he get here so fast”. Go Figure asshole!

And when a biker is toiling up-hill, many decide to cross the road right in-front. Do you classic cases of super stupidity understand that we do not run on fossil fuel and that our speed does not increase with the turn of our hands or press of our feet to get speeds. We pedal. We pedal the fuck out.

Pay Heed! Bikers are trying to take care of the air you breathe, they are trying to reduce the noise around you. They travel faster in the city traffic. They are taking care of the future.
Again. Pay Heed!