The Purpose of Our Lives

Waking up everyday morning, drinking hot coffee from a tall mug, glancing through the news paper, yelling for who ever is using the bathroom to get out, showering , changing and getting out, another day has begun, exclusive in the date, just like the past few years in the content.

Every life on this planet is like a day, fresh and enthusiastic in the morning, ready to face anything. As the sun moves along, so does our age, waxing at the noon, then slowly waning away. Evening comes and the man is retired, relaxing with few responsibilities, and at night he leaves the world. Every day is a life in fast forward which cycles through the human aging. We cannot skip any day of our lives, we cannot skip any hour of the day. A question that remains at the dusk of life: What was the purpose of my life? Why did I live my life for the last few decades?

Why do we need a purpose in life?

To guide us through life and help us achieve our goals. So we set our own purposes in life. It is a never ending cycle of what-we-wants,their satisfaction and the path of destruction that was followed while trying to achieve it. We live for a new purpose everyday.

Purpose of life is exalted and revered for just one reason.
There is no purpose in life.
But does that mean our life is pointless? It is not true either.We give meaning to our own life, everyday comes with a newer one and summing up the purpose of everyone’s life, as said by a great man who once lived and died ” Love your neighbor like you love yourself”.The purpose of our life, as we define it will vary all over the spectrum pf possibilities. To love someone, to take revenge on someone, for bring down Microsoft or to be the first person to recycle shoes ( ref: the book/movie- Holes). When we all assign purposes to our own life, there is one thing we always forget : Others. Everything we do with our life affects everyone else around us. Negatively or Positively

Our purpose of each day will come to us. Sometimes it may be a helping hand extended to another person that earns you the most wonderful smile. It can be a bag of spilled vegetables; it can be a break through in science it, can be anything!

We cannot look back and wish upon how things would have been different if we did something some other way. But that was not our purpose in life. Our purpose in life happens every day.
We live our purpose in life one day at a time. No regrets. Another purpose I have set for me in life is to die as a happy man. And that being said is something that will take a lot of doing!

When we live our life’s purpose one day at a time, we have a life of purpose. Everyday brings us newer ones and continues the ones from yesterday.
Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose