Washing my car with demonetisation

I come from a middle class family. Did my engineering and after some hard work got through that. Then started my own company and went through a lot of hardships. Finally moved onto some stable, moderately well paying jobs. Effort and capability and all the shit I learned across years, is supposed to pay my bills.
I am privileged to an extend that I can live off my plastic money quite a lot. ( Though I am forced to eat off places which got POS machines ). Sodexo coupons from work helped a great deal this month to have lunch and coffee from local shops.
But now I got to pay the guy who cleans my car. He deserves to get the money for the diligent work he does every single day. But I do not have money. I do not have ” it” in me to ask him if he has Paytm or whether I can send it via IMPS.
This is where twisted political games become real. What are you ‘modi’fying if you haven’t thought about the majority of the population. So today, a Sunday off, I have to search for ATMs that dispense cash. When you pay taxes on the money you receive, there are certain rights that come with it. Unless you are in a fascist regime.
My fundamental right of Freedom is thwarted by this unlawful shortsighted scheme by a government that cannot see beyond the social media Buzz and the blind followers that any nationalist regime acquires from those who cannot see the big picture.