What do I get by being an Atheist?

Quite often I hear a lot being said  about my anger, how I lose my cool while debating believers,  how sad life would be for me without hope,  how pointless the life is, this and a lot more.

People come up to offer condolences and of course  reinstate that one day I would come back to being a believer. My School Principal chatted with me in Facebook about my lack of belief. I should say I was put off with his new age SMS talking.  I cant stand a person  whom I respect, that too a teacher, to tak t m lyk dat. ( Talk to me like that ). It seemed like he needs to speak with me urgently.He had met my parents and my lack of faith seems to be a problem. He told me I am searching in darkness. That one day I will come back. A lot of people has told me the same. That  I would see the light someday.

I see the light everyday. May be not that kind of light when exertion and fatigue increases the sensory feed to the head, dilation of the pupil and the resulting high brightness due to increased number of photons to the retina.

I hear. But not the whispers that we invite our brain to make in a state of self induced trance. Or when shot up to the skies with LSD.

I feel. But not the caress of a hand on my head that says the presence of God right behind me.

I taste. But not the transubstantiated piece of human flesh which is physically a wafer.

I cry. But not with an overload of brain function that is the result of high energy prayers, screaming and highly invulnerable, supernatural welcoming state.

I dance. But not with the spirit of god who has taken over the motor functions.

I do everything. I do not need a god. I do not need an imaginary helper. I do not need my own closet Santa.

Heaven. A place that makes life worthwhile for billions and may be for you. Going to Heaven:the purpose, aim and beauty of life. Leading a good life as told by a Holy Book the good way to live. Many believers think so. Afterlife makes the life here seem pointless. Just a small interlude before eternal glory.

That is the bubble that people live inside. A non verified bubble. Non proven bubble. A bubble that rose from the imagination of some man.

A bubble that is so easy to burst. Just open your eyes. Everywhere there is a God, every God has a special set of things to do to reach heaven, the things to do differs so much between the Religions. It differs in core characteristics that only one ( if any ) can be true. The list of punishments for the believer of another God is specific, clear and written in the same revered Holy Books. A God that says Do not kill and orders the murder of women and children and sends bears after teasing children. A God that says Kill the infidels. A God that says Next life you will be a wall jumping lizard.

People waiting for a Messiah. People who say the Messiah has come. And people who say the Messiah is not the Messiah.

My school principal told me I am searching in darkness. This does not look like darkness at all to me. A Book that has a start and an end, that has everything that is worth knowing scribbled in between the covers. That seems quite darkness to me. There is no book that has left me with any feeling of contentment. Bible lead to reading of an English Koran ( Which is no Koran at all, as it is not in the Language that Allah understands, Arabic ) in between went through Hindu mythologies, though that was through Amar Chithra Katha ( A kind of Indian Comic Book ). Then the reading went onto Dawkins and Hitchens and Hawking. Then to Harris and Dennet. Then to the opposing books to all these authors. Though those were empty and repeating the same old argument What was there before that.( It is a recursive loop, if answered, it goes to What was there before That ).

The hunger for reading increases with the reading of good books and then there is a book that says I am the path, those who follow me shall live. This looks to me like a dialog fit for a king to gather people for his army to march into a new land. Now, wait a minute, that line fits King Constantine.

What do I lose by being an Atheist?   Quite a few people starts questioning your sense of morality as , Morality comes form God. But which God?

Jesus ? His Dad who is Jesus? But those Gods asked people to kill children, rape females, practice incest, destroy cities, genocides and more killing than any other killing combined. Those Gods could not stand competition. They sent Devils to Pigs and kill a whole farmers produce by making them jump off the cliff.  Hangs themselves on Crosses and blames poor Jews for it.

Allah ? Yup. WTC. Afghanistan. Pakistan. Al Queda. Enough said.

Hindu? But who from Hindu list of 33 crore Gods? Babri Masjid, Hindutva, riots.

Is there any God that has created peace in this world? Buddhism? Japan.

Purpose of life, that is a question only death can answer. There is no purpose of life retreats that tells you what to do with your life. There is no one to guide you to a specific purpose in life. Purpose of life ends at the moment you die. Then the world will say what your purpose was. Until then, purpose of  life may change, deviate  or expire.

There is no meaning in life that can be found by a mortal. The meaning of my life would be clear the minute I die from the mouths of the people who loves me and who hates me.

Am I angry? Yes. But then as I read in a fellow atheist, a proud lesbian, Greta Christinas blog, It has been anger that has brought about social changes. There is no fuel to change the system without the propellant called anger. This anger is not the one that makes me strap a bomb to my chest. This is the anger that gives me relatively high amount of  patience and sudden bursts of spite. This anger gives way to reason, this anger does not counter proofs. This anger is at superstitions.

What do I get from being an Atheist?

An appreciation for the whole universe, where man is just a speck on a speck that is on another speck. A deep fascination towards life and the beauty of it. A will to live everyday to the fullest because there is nothing to replace a spent day. An eye to see things for what they are and people for whom they are. A sense of security that, if you put your stake on things that are proven for the current times, then there is no chance of being wrong.  A feeling of fullness of life. With a morality that is exercised by choice not fear. A morality that cannot be faulted when compared to Gods. A sense of freedom and appreciation for hard work of rescue workers and doctors, of nurses and deep sea divers, of astronauts and wheat farmers. Of little insects and humming birds. Earth is beautiful. Live here for all that is worth. Not being worried about what will happen after death.

Death’s greatest weapon is fear. If you don’t fear death, death has no control over you. So there ends the need for any God.