When Yesterday tries to suffocate Tomorrow

Yesterday is once removed from tomorrow, between them stands today. Yesterday is the bygone ages and bygone ideas and bygone people. Tomorrow is future, ideals, progress, love and excitement.

When yesterday tries to suffocate tomorrow, what is left of today? Broken dreams, unfulfilled passions, ideals and thought streams sacrificed, even sanity is to be let go of. Yesterday is rooted in tradition. Yesterday hates things that are not explained. Yesterday is death. Yesterday cannot be reasoned with. Yesterday cannot be reasoned with. Yesterday wont understand evidence. Yesterday is all set in concrete. Yesterday wont talk with today to make a better tomorrow. Yesterday is selfish, more selfish that Today is.  I call Yesterday more selfish because Yesterday is all about pretenses, about pseudo facts, while Today is selfish to make a better Tomorrow, which is free of pretenses and superstition. Yesterday thrives in superstition. Yesterday believes in life after death. Yesterday believes in Rapture. Yesterday suffocates future with myths about impending doom and judgment. Yesterday cannot be trusted, for yesterday swears on imagination. Yesterday gives away hard-earned money to televangelists and churches. Yesterday believes in, the  more its contribution to make the Church bell chime louder, the faster its salvation. Yesterday believes in diplomatic dealings between Heaven and Hell. Yesterday even believes in a hostel for the Not so good, not so bad, the purgatory. Yesterday finds it easy to call the un-explained a mystery and be done with it. Yesterday finds it probable to have some live human bodies and some spirits live together in heaven. Yesterday believes Mary was knocked up by a Spirit. Yesterday believes in cannibalism and transubstantiation. Yesterday calls Father, Son and Spirit as one. Yesterday is male chauvinistic. Yesterday had a god in the sky that looked down at man. Yesterday prayed to a God that was insecure, egoistic, detrimental, self serving, insecure and totally in love with himself. Yesterday is lead by repetitive 10 commandments which are repetitive and some of them is the God-guy praising himself.

Yesterday cant understand logic. Yesterday lives in a shell made of faith and believes in Talking Reptile Apple Sales men. Yesterday still believes in the Rapture. Yesterday has no future because Yesterday is waiting for the End of the World. Yesterday believes in prolonging itself to tomorrow. Yesterday cannot be rational. Yesterday calls Faith as untouchable. Yesterday asks for Respect for Faith. Yesterday scorns at a person who believes in Thor who has a Hammer, while believing in a guy who was nailed to the cross. Yesterday calls it possible to Raise a Dead man back to living. Yesterday says Tomorrow should be based on Yesterday. Yesterday cannot accept a difference in opinion. Yesterday believes in the rights of a Fancy Dress guy with a crooked cross to be divinely powered. Yesterday believes in Talking in Tongues. Yesterday cannot see light. Yesterday loves dark ages.
Today is changing. Today will be retarded if influenced by Yesterday. Tomorrow is fresh. Tomorrow is new. Tomorrow is not about Trinity. Tomorrow is about Life. Tomorrow is about Science.

I am today, I want to save Tomorrow from Yesterday. And so shall I. We. The Today. All of Us.