Why am I a Worried Man at 23?!

We all do our share of worrying everyday, worried if we’ll get up at the right time to go to office, worried if  the breakfast is still hot, worried if we can catch the transport, worried if the Boss will promote or punish. We are all worried about our family, parents, relative and not-yet-for-me, spouse and kids. Worried while crossing the road, worried while waiting for someone, worried about the nation, worried about the NSG deal, worried about Real Madrid fighting Barcelona. We are all worried if Sachin Tendulkar will play next game, and if he plays, we are worried whether he bats great, if he bats great, we are worried if that batting will do us any good, we are worried whether we win.

We are worried by nature, not a single day passes without us worrying for something, I am personally worried about the economy, the IT  job cut downs, the politics in India, and the antics of the Communists, worried whether my country can stand up in front of the world and say , ” this is what we have done so far, and we are going to do this much more”.

I am worried about my life, I am 23 and I want to retire at 40. I am worried about a million things daily, at least I don’t have to worry about having the perfect girlfriend, I already solved that issue. I am worried why the Pepsi at 20 rupees is not getting about in market, I got it once in train. I am worried if the church will legalize priest gay marriage, and I am worried at the institution called religion making a lot of money without giving anything back to the society.

I am worried if MJ is really dead, I am worried if there is aliens among us living here, I am worried if the Matrix movie is true. I am worried if my neighbor is actually a Terminator from the future, I am worried if I will be able to see Ice Age 3 in theater I am worried if people who read this are already worried whether this is going to end.

There is no complaining, we are by our nature worried, everything worries us, and like Principal Weatherbee , No problems till now just means that Archie is out doing something really big, ( He married Veronica, shucks!! ).

Why do we worry? It takes us to a comfort zone for a few minutes, and that is one dis-comfortable comfortable zone.  It is like man trying to  find comfort  in discomfort. It gives us a sense of belonging, that we are involved in the action somehow , by worrying, we feel we are with Sachin when he looks down at the other end of the pitch to see Brett Lee running in. We are worried about India because it makes us feel we are responsible citizen. Everything is accountable to mans’ basic nature belong.

We are sentient, We are strong, We are worried! That’s what we are! There is no age for worries.

But our worries are completely selfish. We can never understand another person worry, it confuses and angers us seeing the reason why others worry.  When it comes to others, their worries are silly, pointless and not at all ‘worries’.

We are always alone in our worries, with no one to share our worries with, who will understand us completely. Our worries make us what we are, shapes us and molds us to what we will become. Our worries are our dreams expressed when we are awake. Our worries makes us human. I am worried.