Why am I an Atheist?

Yes, I do not believe in God, for the same reason as most of the believers  do. I am scared. I am really scared. I am scared because sometimes, wishes come true. Some self righteous ignorant fool might just bring out humanitys most collective wish. Extinguishing itself.

Oh, you are surprised? Muslims want to run over the whole world converting or killing, Christians believe in a second coming, Judgement Day ( unless a certain California Governor saves us ), and end of the world, Hindus take up Kaliyug, It seems all the religions cherishes doom for human kind. As if human beings are a blight on the surface of earth. I am scared. I am scared that some religious Leader of the world will decide to bring about the Rapture all by himself. Humans themselves have the power to destroy Earth with no actual guidance from God ( Well, Einstein wasnt a re-incarnation of God, was he? ), but has not removed the neurological disorder that is Doom saying.

I know someone who believes Rapture will happen soon, and still wants to have a baby, praying for a baby. Really, you want to bring that baby right into the end of days?

I am scared because, God has mysterious ways of working. I think God is a shy person, may be he got stage fright. He cant announce something to the whole world and be done with it.


I guess if some guy says it to everyone in the world, at the same time, there is a small chance of it being the genuine article. It should be instantaneous too. Human mind is a parasite, if two people say something to you, you are more likely to accept hearing a spooky sound than not. But rather, he calls aside some guy, whispers into his ear a certain plan. If all religions are to be believed, and there is only a single God, Oh boy! he is suffering from MPD so bad! Giving contradictory instructions, impossible instructions and really God-unbecoming instructions. He has done it before. He has called aside Moses. Alone, to a Mountain and he spoke to burning grasses. Ok, analogy: The burning bush was actually Marijuana, Moses got high from the smoke, and dreamed up the rest.  ( Oh, did you know that there is actually a lot of role for Cannabis in religion? Marx was right when he called Religion an Opiate of the mind. From the early stages of Religion, Drugs were used to simulate trance states. Religion really requires a hallucinogenic drug to make itself work huh? Ingenious. Tell something about religion to a thinking mind. ( Reference from Wiki ). )

So Moses was taken aside and whispered a Ego Boosting set of 10 commandments, he came back and guess what happened?

A Genocide.

God Spoke to Jeremiah: God asked him to to advocate for the people. The God was jealous.

”From the least to the greatest, all are greedy for gain; prophets and priests alike, all practice deceit. They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. Peace, peace, they say, when there is no peace. Are they ashamed of their loathsome conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush. So they will fall among the fallen; they will be brought down when I punish them, says the LORD.– Jeremiah 6:13-15

Just look at the sentence, If Bin Laden said it, it would fit him perfectly too.

( And,  am I to believe the rest of the prophets were false? Just because Jeremiah hallucinated so? I am sure the other prophets also would have said the same. )

God spoke to Isiah : According to the account in Kings (and its derivati ve account in Chronicles) the judgment of God now fell on the Assyrian army and wiped out 180,000 of its men.

God and Joshua had a deal: Afterwards, 30,000 Israelites set an ambush of Ai overnight, and in the morning another Israelite force attack and then feign retreat, drawing the forces of Ai far away from the city. When Joshua raises his lance, the 30,000 men preparing the ambush strike, while Joshua starts attacking again, thus surrounding Ais forces. The entire city is burned and its inhabitants slaughtered. The king of Ai, however, is taken alive and delivered to Joshua. He is then impaled on a stake for public display before being buried outside the city gates, following Hebrew guidelines for the guilty. (see Deuteronomy 21.23).

I am not being chronological here, lets get to the warrior dude, Ezekiel: Well, he kick started Astrology.

Inaugural vision (Ezekiel 1:1–3:27): The first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel begins with Ezekiels record of his vision of Gods spectacular chariot (see Merkabah).[6] In this vision, God approaches Ezekiel as a divine warrior, riding in his battle chariot. This chariot appeared to be drawn by four living creatures each having four faces (of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle), and four wings. These living creatures are traditionally known as the fixed signs of the astrology zodiac, namely Aquarius (the man), Leo (the lion), Taurus (the ox), and Scorpio (the eagle is the second symbol of the Scorpio sign). They could travel forward and backward, up and down, and they moved in flashes of lightning. Beside each living creature was a beryl-colored wheel, constructed as a wheel within a wheel, with tall and awesome rims that were full of eyes all around. In this appearance of God unto Ezekiel here, he commissions him to be a prophet and a watchman in Israel: Son of man, I am sending you to the Israelites. (2:3)

My take? That guy spent an awesome lot of time staring at the sky. And started seeing things. Nowadays there see faces in bread toasts, no surprises there. Well that was about a logical hallucination. Lets talk about the destruction that seem to be a part of the God Package for all the prophets.

Ezekiel makes a series of denunciations against his fellow Judeans (3:22-24), warning them of the certain destruction of Jerusalem, in opposition to the words of the false prophets (4:1-3). Yeah the same insecure God.

Daniel followed suit : He was the true Doomsayer dude out there. His apocalyptic visions are a marvel, even in comparison to Clive Barker ( He looks like Robert Downey Jr. ). 1.Vision of the Great Beasts. 2.Vision of Ram and Goat, Ram? was he being literal here? 3. The prophecy of Seventy Sevens ( Destruction of Jerusalem, Obviously! ). 4. Visions of Kings of North and South.

Jonah ? 3days in the stomach of a whale. Oops. Big Fish. Ingenious.

Well, this is getting too long, let me end up with Micah.

Punishment of Samaria (1:2–7): Drawing upon ancient traditions for depicting a theophany, the prophet depicts the coming of Yahweh to punish the idolatrous city.Two Successive Doom speeches (2:1–5, 6–11): introduce themes characteristic of the prophet Micah as champion of the oppressed small landholder. These speeches warn of the impending doom that will befall those who accumulate land from the sacred community.

A Disintegrated Society (7:17): gives a grim picture of the loss of trust due to the dishonesty of the society.

The Purified Nation (5:9–14): Alien elements that offend Yahweh are removed

Assyria Eliminated (5:4–5)

Ok, here is the point. The so called prophets cherished death. Their power rested in speaking about impending doom.

I am scared. Why? There are a lot of people claiming to do Gods work here.

Bin Laden wants a Nuke because Allah wants it. Result: a lot of people will die. José Luis de Jesús Miranda, this guy claims to be the descendant of Jesus himself. The world leaders are influenced by religion. Pope said, Virgin Mary rose to heaven, just some 60 years back and Christians believe it. How did Pope know it? He meditated. What if, like the times of crusade, The Pope dude tell it again? Islam is a blight. Lets vanquish it.

Some Hindu Religious Indian leader says, lets wipe out Pakistan, or vice versa. Both are nuclear powered countries. Rapture.

Iran gets a working nuke? Rapture.

US gets pissed of at any country? Rapture.

Russia decides to taken on US? Rapture.

China wants Hongkong, allies and axis powers. Rapture.

Islam goes to war? Rapture.

Christians goes to war? Rapture.

Yes, Rapture is very likely. I am scare because God may have nothing to do with it. Man would do it in the Name of God. In God we trust. A future POTUS gets a revelation, that it is time to end the world. Will the Christians jump with joy? If a global war happens, will the Christians die happily? As it can be termed Rapture too. Why are anyone who is religious start crying and screaming just about when they know for absolute certainty they are going to die? Shouldn’t they be happy? Shouldn’t Christians be happy that they are getting old, so that they can die faster? Why are people so health conscious, Bad health would taken them to God faster, oh so will a suicide bomb.

I am scared. I am scared of this people. Always Man called up on God to justify death. Well, we are Gods children aren’t we. Remember what He did to his legitimate Son? Yeah, splayed on a cross.